This page includes links to resources used during the "Growing Success for All Students" workshops presented by the NCDPI and NCMEA Music Program Leaders at the NC Music Educators Association in November 2014.

Growing Success for All Students



PPT presentation with notes from NCMEA Sessions

Planning Worksheets for ASW


  • RBT Resources
  • ASW wikispace:
  • This 8-minute video clip from Middle School Band Teacher, Bryant Copeland, provides an overview of several different ways Mr. Copeland works with his students to capture evidence of their learning including Google Voice, Edmodo, and SmartMusic resources.

  • This PPT includes the presentation shared by Janet Berry and Dee Yoder from the Elementary Section during this year's NCMEA conference. It includes links to resources that may be used for capturing student growth as well as video clips and examples which should be used as a jumping off point or springboard for further discussion about whether these samples match the clarifying objective and would provide an illustration of student growth. If so, what are some ways you could use these ideas to capture growth in your classroom? If not, what could be adjusted or tweaked to improve the method of capturing evidence?