This page contains links to information shared through local arts education leaders that may be applicable in a variety of situations across the state. Please feel free to visit these resources and add to them to help facilitate networking and sharing across regions and statewide.

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Student Placement Resources
This page includes models, placement practices, etc. from local school systems which can be used or adapted. This is particularly focused on placement practices for high school proficiency levels: beginning, intermediate, proficient, and advanced. This page also includes links to sample school system course catalogues, which provides examples of how local systems are describing courses and placement practices.
Sample Placement Practices and Course Catalogues
Arts and Career and College Readiness Standards

Statewide System of Support
The Service Support Team is comprised of 4 teams. Within these area teams, cross agency staff members collaborate to serve the state's 8 prosperity zones, by collecting and analyzing data to identify common needs and offer customized support for school improvement by engaging in the following:

  • Analyze data to develop and implement targeted professional learning
  • Identify and develop resources for educator growth and improvement
  • Guide LEAs and Charters with effective resource allocation decisions
  • Assess and modify the quality and alignment of the services provided by the team

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North Team | West Team | East Team | South Team
Statewide System of Support