Course Coding Resources

This page includes resources and links helpful to implementing the course coding structure in alignment with the North Carolina Arts Education Essential Standards and state course coding structure.





Course Coding and Honors Overview00000
Spring 2012: This short PowerPoint Presentation with notes includes highlights for changes with the course coding structure and honors policy implications for arts education, effective in the 2012-13 school year.
Course Coding and Honors Highlights (PPT)
Course Coding Resources for NC Public Schools
This page contains links to documents pertaining to courses, course codes and course coding structure for NC Public Schools, including the course coding utility database.
Honors Implementation Guide

Honors Implementation Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
August 2015: These FAQs provide guidance to school systems for alignment of the new standards with the course coding structure and honors policy.

Proficiency Based Teaching and Learning in Arts Education
Provides a research-based rationale for proficiency-based teaching and learning in the arts; a comparison chart of traditional vs. proficiency-based instruction; and resources to assist schools with local practices.
Proficiency Based Teaching and Learning in Arts Education
Arts Education Course 2017-2018
Uptodate AP course codes and
University and Community College course codes.

You may also visit
to access the course code list and information pertaining to course coding.

Arts Education Course Codes 2016-2017 Page
Download Course Codes:

Graduation Requirements
Website and links to NC Future-Ready Core Graduation Requirements
NC Future-Ready Core High School Graduation Requirements
This FAQ document provides answers to questions related to concentrations.
Suggested sequencing for Arts Education Programs.
Sequencing Suggestions for Arts Education
Honors Policy
These links provide explanation of the revisions to the NC honors policy in regards to Arts Education:
  1. June 2012: This letter to Superintendents explains the revisions to the honors policy (March 2012) as related to arts education courses.
  2. State Board of Education Policy on Weighted Credit: GCS-L-004
  3. Honors Courses in Arts Education
  1. Letter to Superintendents
  2. GCS-L-004(click on GCS, then L-004 to access the policy)
  3. Honors Course Implementation Guide and Rubric Implications for Arts Education
Course Coding Memo
Memo sent to Superintendents by Rebecca Garland on April 3, 2013, regarding courses for High School credit taken in middle grades and weighted credit for college courses.
Memo to Superintendents April 2013
NC School Counselors Webinar
September 7, 2012: This webinar was designed for public school counselors interested in learning more about the impact of course coding changes, honors policy, and student placement in relationship to students' participation in arts education programs. Linda Brannan, School Counseling Consultant, and Christie Lynch Ebert, Arts Education Consultant, led the session.


Archived Webinar