Arts Education Think Tank: Proficiency in Arts Education


The purpose of this think tank is:
  • to develop understanding of proficiency in arts education
  • to examine the development and documentation of proficiency in arts education
  • to share resources regarding documenting evidence of proficiency in arts education, especially in relation to student placement at the high school level
  • to develop Artsfolio, and Administrators Guides
  • to develop differentiated professional development on the North Carolina Arts Education Essential Standards


Arts Folio Exemplar Development Session at Meredith CollegeArts Ed Think Tank members met at Meredith College and fleshed out agreement statements and ideas for ArtsFolio and discussed needs for Standards 1-5 and ASW (Standard 6) support.

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March 28, 2018
Think Tank Meeting notes and agenda. Goto Meeting
Agenda and Materials
February 19, 2018
Think Tank Meeting notes and agenda. Goto Meeting
Agenda and Materials
April 21, 2017
Think Tank Meeting at Campbell College
2017 Google Folder with materials
September 25, 2014
Think Tank Meeting at Meredith College
Google folder with materials

Arts Education Conference - Summer 2015
March 31, 2014
Think Tank meeting in Davie County (preceding Arts Ed Coordinators on 4/1)

Feb. 25-26, 2014
ArtsFolio Exemplar Development Session at Meredith College (Cumberland, Onslow, Sampson, Wake)
October 2013
Think Tank meeting at Meredith College (preceding Arts Ed Coordinators)

July 25, 2013
  • Proficiency Meeting (9-1)
  • Virtual Think Tank Meeting (1-3)
April 30, 2013
Meeting to facilitate discussion for statewide support in developing local capacity. Focus groups were established and will meet as determined by membership (in person or virtually) through the end of July/beginning of August. Think Tank members will participate in Summer Institutes with NCDPI consultants, as available
September 27, 2012
Meeting to focus specifically on definition of proficiency, resources, and next steps
Agenda and members
September 28, 2012
Sharing from September 27, 2012 meeting
(See Arts Education Coordinators Page on Wiki)
January 11, 2013
Continued work from the Fall 2012 meeting focusing on possible ArtsFolio (with Michael Kimsal of LinguaFolio presenting), identification of model placement tools that can be shared statewide, and evolving roles of the think tank with proficiency and evidence of student learning in the arts.
Guiding PowerPoint with Agenda

Placement Practices
Educator Effectiveness:
Future Directions


Name of Resource


Links or Materials

ArtsFolio is an adaptation of LinguaFolio, which could be adapted for the various arts education disciplines.
I Can Statements
I Can Statements by grade span for all arts disciplines (NCDPI)
Formative Assessment Strategies
NCDPI examples
Placement Example
(From Liz Grimes-Droessler - Wake County)Benchmarks for Secondary Dance Placement Assessment
CMapp for high school arts courses:
The Arts/Healthful Living/World Languages departments will meet 2-3 more times (10/16, 11/6, 12/11) this semester to accomplish the following:
  • Populate the "Frame" - Translate the former Pacing Guides into Course Guides by updating with the New Essential Standards
  • Populate the "Foundation & Begin Interior Decorating" by adding lesson plans, assessments, and resources. This is where we'll need your contribution - you can post lessons/assessments/resources to your content specific Edmodo groups and our writers will upload them to the appropriate Key Concepts in the Course Guide.
Honors Courses - As we develop the Course Guides we will be uploading Common Assessment Tools and Descriptive Criteria to support the appropriate placement of students as they navigate the new Beginning, Intermediate, Proficient-Honors, and Advanced-Honors levels of High School Arts Courses. I am attaching a "Frequently Asked Questions" document that originated with NCDPI (with WCPSS notations) that addresses Honors Levels courses. To provide Weighted Credit, it is IMPERATIVE that we structure our courses and implement instruction in a manner that maintains the integrity of rigorous honors level (Proficient/Advanced). By appropriately populating CMapp, honors courses can be implemented with fidelity throughout the district.
Dance Placement Assessments

Draft Placement

Draft Music

Dance Student Self Assessment Example
Share by Lydia Stewart at the 1/11/13 Think Tank Meeting.
New: Cumberland County - Dance Self Assessment Example
Music Samples
(From Janae Copeland - Onslow County) - Sample folio and progress report; being piloted in Bryant Copeland's band class.
Assessment Articles
(From Janae Copeland) - Articles specifically focused on arts (music) assessment; used in research
Placement and Assessment Resources
(From Nathan Street - Guilford County)
I have uploaded on my SharePoint site as well as unit plans, lesson plans, ES information, etc. and I’ll bring my laptop with me tomorrow but I’m unsure as to whether or not I can pull up SharePoint so I’m going to send you the assessments we have so far. The chorus assessment is admittedly very weak (in my opinion and my choral directors’ opinions) so we are revising it currently. We are also working on assessments for other levels as well.
A wide variety of sample assessments, rubrics, letters to parents, etc.
Web resource
(From Jane Austen Behan - Pitt County)
This was sent to me by one of my teachers. It has a trove of material to help us think through a statewide proficiency rubric for Instrumental Music and Voice.
General program information is here.
Course Descriptions
Generic high school course descriptions for arts education.

ACTFL Proficiency Descriptions
This document describes the world language proficiency levels as published through the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Mastery- based learning for AP and IB courses in the arts
This document includes descriptions and links to AP and IB assessments in each of the arts disciplines.

Mastery-based resource
Teacher Effectiveness
Resources from Wake County Public Schools, to support principles in authentically assessing Teacher Effectiveness for arts teachers.

Arts Education Think Tank Members

Jane Austen Behan
Pitt County
Janae Copeland
Onslow County
Nancy Heath
Sampson County
Rue Lee Holmes
Sampson County
Christie Lynch Ebert
Slater Mapp
Liz Grimes-Droessler
Wake County
Lisa Pearce (Host)
Meredith College, IHE Rep
Kelly Jones
Columbus County
Lydia Stewart
Cumberland County
Nathan Street
Guilford County
Mark Propst
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Cheryl Maney
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Noel Grady-Smith
Davie County
Robert Waller
Buncombe County
Ellen Minter Hart
NC Virtual Public School
Instructional Director (Arts Education and World Languages)
Lindsay Leach-Sparks
NC Virtual Public School
Instructional Leader for Music

ArtsFolio is an adaptation of LinguaFolio, which could be adapted for the various arts education disciplines.