Agenda - Arts Education (Day 2)

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Here are links from Day 1 that you will be using today.

Parking Lot

Parking Lot- SI 1
Parking Lot- SI 2
Parking Lot- SI 3
Parking Lot- SI 4
Parking Lot- SI 5
Parking Lot- SI 6

Activity star.PNGWiki Site

(Includes links to presentation and supporting materials)
Arts Education PowerPoint Presentation

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Putting the Pieces Together

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Facilitated Team Time: Walk About Reflections

  • How is your LEA or Charter School making sure that students receive all areas of the Standard Course of Study?
  • Where are the gaps?
  • How are teachers integrating instruction across the curriculum to help students learn content and make connections?
  • What support is needed?
  • How are we differentiating to meet the needs of all learners?
  • What strategies and infrastructure are in place to support meeting students’ needs?


Future Directions in Arts Education

State and National Data and Initiatives and Implications


Policy and Legislation


The links to the right contain valuable resources concerning policies and legislation.



Activity star.PNGTeacher Evaluation Process

With a shoulder buddy, discuss how the policy and practices information you just learned aligns with the indicators on the teacher evaluation instrument, either because it is an area that you would like to grow in or an area where you excel and can help others.
After discussion, record your reflections in your Penzu journal.

North Carolina Essential Standards Assessment Examples Available for Review

These assessment examples are aligned to new content standards and reinforce teaching the standards to their intended level of deep mastery. The purpose of providing examples is to illustrate ways in which the standards or part(s) of the standards might be assessed in the classroom. Please send feedback to us at and we will use your input to refine our instructional tool.
Standard I Element D

NC Standard Course of Study and Instructional Tools Resources


Building Local Capacity

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Create District Resources

Go to your region and identify a resource from your district (rubric, course catalog, etc.) and insert your resource in the resource chart located on your region's page.


I Used to Think...

Activity star.PNGReflection Activity

Please use your Penzu, or, a sticky note or note card, to complete this activity regarding any aspect of our content session time together.
  • I used to think...
  • But now I know...


Evaluation - Day 2

Institute Survey

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Please click the Evaluation link to the right to complete the Plus/Delta form.

Activity star.PNGOverall Institute Survey

Please complete at the end of Day 2 or within 10 days. This link will also be emailed to you by NCDPI.
SI 2012 Plus/Delta Form
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